Contact: Alexandra Kulmer

Lead Partner

The province of Styria is characterised by diverse rural areas with a wide range of cultural heritage assets. Apart from the city of Graz with its beautifully preserved historic centre, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, most of the province has a rural structure.

The association ‘Rural Development Styria’ (Landentwicklung Steiermark) was founded by the Provincial Government of Styria to support the implementation of strategies creating dynamic rural areas worth living in. The main goals of Rural Development Styria are to make use of regional values to create a balance between economic, ecological and cultural  aspects as well as to preserve cultural heritage and cultural landscapes. Based on the model of Local Agenda 21, these goals should be achieved by strengthening the citizens’ self-responsibility and by making use of synergies within the context of networks and co-operation.

As part of the outcomes of the project HISTCAPE effective strategies for cultural heritage protection and preservation including horizontal governance and community empowerment will be transferred to Styria.  Rural Development Styria will be assisted by media K GmbH – an external expert with wide experience in the protection and valorisation of cultural heritage assets – in the identification of good practice and the development of policy recommendations.