Saaremaa Local Government Association


Contact: Veiko Viil

Saare County comprises Saaremaa, the biggest island of Estonia and another 7 inhabited islands, its islets are famous for the richness of their geological heritage or geotopes.

Saaremaa Local Government Association was founded by the local governments of Saare County in 1993. 12 local municipalities are members of the Association. The Association is the public body in charge of promoting the balanced development of the environment, economy and cultural heritage of the county. It has a long history of competences in the development of sustainable tourism and also in devising and implementing strategic plans and policies to protect the environment, landscape and cultural heritage.

The Association aims foremost to improve the protection of cultural heritage values of historic assets and related landscape in rural areas and therefore hopes to implement the policy recommendations for the protection of rural landscape developed by the HISTCAPE project.

Specific benefits (and input) for Saaremaa Local Government Association from the project are the exchange of experience in the management of historic assets and landscape to achieve sustainable environmental development through the Saarte Geopark. The aim from the project is to prepare policies for sustainable development and the continuing health of the geopark as well as to provide an overview about the islands geological heritage.