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Rhineland-Palatinate is an old cultural region in the centre of Europe, based on celtic and roman roots. Thus, it possesses an outstanding historical heritage which is visible in important monuments, artworks and traditions. It is the home of famous German myths like the Nibelungen, the worldwide known Loreley, the Roman emperor Constantine the Great, Charlemagne, the forefather of Europe, the medieval centres of Jewish life in Speyer, Worms and Mainz, the inventor of printing Gutenberg – man of the millennium, the list goes on. Four UNESCO World Heritage sites characterize the region:

Roman monuments in Trier
Speyer Cathedral
The Upper Rhine Valley
Ancient Roman frontier Limes

Eighty percent of Rhineland-Palatinate consists of small towns in rural areas.

The General-Directorate of Cultural Heritage Rhineland-Palatinate (GDKE) is the professional authority for historical assets. The protection of historical assets is ensured jointly between the General-Directorate and 36 local authorities all over the region. It is indispensable to develop standards and appropriate methodologies/strategies in order to make decisions regarding the approach to the diverse problems which are found in rural areas. Through the HISTCAPE project the General-Directorate expects to benefit by the experiences of other European partners, by good practice Europe-wide and complementary expertise within the partnership.