Regione Marche


Contact: Vincenzo Zenobi

Regione Marche is one of the 20 Italian Regions. It lies in Central Italy alongside the Adriatic Sea.

Marche is known as a “plural region” for its traditions, dialects, historic cities and for its different landscapes ranging from mountains to the sea.  However, when you say “Marche” you think of a typical landscape of hills and rural areas with a wealth of historical settlements and heritage assets.

Marche Region has been pursuing the objective of safeguarding and enhancing the quality of its landscapes for many years mainly thanks to the Regional Authority’s Landscape Plan. It has focused on protecting the historical heritage as well as its botanical and geological assets through connected landscape and urban policies.

The Landscape Plan is now under review. Marche Region is facing the challenge of designing proactive policies besides the more traditional regulatory ones. The aim is to start landscape-based development action plans involving local communities.

Thanks to HISTCAPE Marche Region will carry out a pilot-action relating to this strategy. The pilot-action will have particular relevance as it relates to and will be within the framework of the new Strategic Agenda of Marche Region Landscape Plan.


Below are links to March File Commission website, where you can see how the landscape is being promoted. 

Click on LOCATION to view the most famous film shot in the Marche region.

“La stanza del figlio” - directed by Nanni Moretti

The following links demonstrates how the Marche Region is being promoted, namely under the categories: "Nature"; "Water" and "Works of Man".