Region of Western Macedonia


Contact: Vasileios Kotoulas

The Region of Western Macedonia was created in 1987 under the Law 1622/1986 setting out the reformed land-planning and administrative division of Greece into Regions. It serves as the arena where decentralized bodies of central government meet with representatives of local government.

The Region contributes to national planning and within this framework draws up programmes and applies the policies for economic, social and cultural growth. The principal role of the Region of Western Macedonia as a development institution is clearly illustrated with the planning of the 4th Regional Operational Programme of Western Macedonia. The main objective of the programme is to contribute to the creation of a dynamic region that will utilize not only the cultural assets but also the human potential of its citizens.

The Department of Culture and Sport is mainly responsible for coordinating activities of cultural institutions of the region. This can involve the implementation of cultural programmes and events, the establishment of awards, grants and other means in order to encourage the development of education and arts. In addition it is responsible for monitoring and strengthening associations and bodies which pursue similar goals, the joint organization of cultural events with local actors for the preservation of local heritage and its dissemination, particularly to the young.

The Region is participating in the HISTCAPE project in order to find ways for better preserving, managing and promoting its cultural assets through an exchange of experience and the identification and implementation of good practice in the sustainable management of those cultural heritage assets.

HISTCAPE Project Team CVs

HistCape_Dimitris Mylonas

Kostas Karamarkos B.P.