Northern Cultural Regional Directorate


Contact: Carla Cruz

Northern Cultural Regional Directorate (NCRD) is a decentralized body governed by public law, created in 2006, with competences in preservation, conservation, valuation and promotion of cultural heritage of the entire territory of the Northern Region of Portugal, with responsibility for the management, conservation and valorisation of the 53 monuments and sites that are State property in Northern Portugal.

The Northern Region of Portugal has many small historic centres, with more than 800 years of history, representing many different heritage values.

Under the powers of the NCRD to preserve the historical heritage and its framework, it has intervened in the rehabilitation of these small historic centres, contributing to ensuring the sustainable development of these socio–economically depressed rural areas.

Through the exchange of experience between cultural heritage organisations in different countries it is hoped to identify and implement good practice and to gain and improve staff capacity and expertise in the management of cultural heritage assets. NCRD expects to gain from the HISTCAPE project the capacity to promote and raise awareness of heritage values, in relation to protecting cultural heritage and preserving landscape, providing local agents with the policies and efficient instruments for the sustainable management of these rural territories, and enhancing local economies through the valorisation of rural cultural assets.