Castilla y Leon


Contact: Laura Cuevas Ortiz

Castilla & León is located in the northwest of Spain. It is one of 17 autonomous communities that territorially comprise Spain. The region has more land surface than any other community in Spain with a low average population density of 27,15 inhabitants/km2 and a high density in cultural heritage assets, 1820 declared cultural properties and 8 properties declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

The regional authority of Castilla & León has overall authority regarding the cultural heritage of the entire region. There are 587 municipalities within Castilla & León with historical assets or monuments distributed throughout nine provinces. 120 municipalities are protected cultural heritage assets; about 80 of which are small towns under 5,000 inhabitants with many having a population of just a few hundred people.

The region is therefore characterised by the range and quality of these historical assets dispersed over an extensive, scarcely populated territory.

The regional authority has an ambitious programme for heritage, set out in its Strategic Plan for Cultural Heritage (Plan PAHIS 2004-2012).This includes the recognition of cultural values and the cataloguing of cultural assets as well as guaranteeing the protection of cultural heritage, preserving and restoring cultural heritage, as well as collaboration with other institutions and organisations.

Throughout the project we expect to develop innovative instruments and tools for the improvement of sustainable territorial management policies in cultural heritage preservation and to create a common methodology for the protection of small towns with cultural heritage values situated in rural, scarcely populated areas.