Alytus District Municipality


Contact: Sonata DumbliauskienÄ—

Alytus District Municipality is a local authority within Alytus County, situated in a beautiful corner of southern Lithuania. The territory of the district occupies 1411 square kilometres; The district is divided into 11 local administrative units. The population of the district is more than 32 thousand inhabitants and accounts for over 17% of the total county population.

For the last 17 years the municipality has had responsibility for the cataloguing and management of historic heritage objects and collecting information for a data base for the protection of cultural and historical heritage assets. There are 72 archaeological, 395 historical, 144 art, 29 architectural and 3 urban monuments, 19 landscapes containing evidence of historical settlements.

Within the HISTCAPE project the municipality expects to develop local policies for protecting and enhancing cultural assets, values and landscape. The project’s challenge - through promoting innovation and added-value project activities related to the enhancement of cultural assets and landscapes - is to strengthen sustainable economic activities and employment related to cultural heritage assets. Through HISTCAPE Alytus District hopes to increase awareness of its cultural heritage assets and their value by reaching a wider audience both within and beyond the project partnership.


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