Newsletter - SPRING 2014


  • Summary of the International Conference held in Braga, Portugal, in March 2014.
  • Project Update.
  • Update Pilot Actions and Good Practices.
  • Next steps and conferences.
  • News and related coming events.



NORTHERN PORTUGAL REGIONAL DIRECTORATE FOR CULTURE (NRCD), of Portugal Secretary of Culture would like to welcome you to this latest edition of the HISTCAPE Newsletter. 

The Directorate recently held an International Conference on ‘Historical Assets and Related Landscape’ on 22th May in Mire de Tibães, Monastery of Tibães, Portugal.The theme of this Conference was: Rural Landscape: A Living Heritage Resource. The Conference explored the current various aspects of rural heritage that are in continuous state of transformation and adaptation. Cultural Heritage in rural areas is a complex topic involvingdifferent social, economic, territorial and cultural assets that contribute to a living resource in a territory. This complex and continuous state of transformation of the rural landscape requires an active and innovative approach to use, conservation and adaptation.

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