TT6 - Strategy for renovation and management of Trautenfels Castle

TT6: Capacity for territorial development by on-place based cultural values enhancement

Strategy for renovation and management of Trautenfels Castle

The museum Trautenfels Castle was opened in 1959 as a museum of local history, with the task to collect, preserve and explore the cultural and natural heritage of the district of Liezen. Trautenfels Castle, as the symbol of the middle Enns Valley and a unique cultural monument was threatened to be destroyed and renovation works were needed to restore the building. The importance of the museum for the people in the valley and for tourism was emphasized. The various stakeholders came together and established the Trautenfels Castle Association on 19/12/1983, which leased the castle from the municipality and took over the organization of the renovation works and guaranteed the preservation of the castle in cooperation with the museum Joanneum. Politicians from the district of Liezen, the municipal council of Pürgg-Trautenfels and last but not least, the population of the entire region stood for a renovation of the castle and the utilisation of the building as a cultural facility.

The co-operation between the association, the museum and the public community and the ability of the association to raise public funds guaranteed the successful execution of the project. Besides the donations of its members, the Trautenfels Castle Association generated revenue from the sale of publications and these financial resources for the renovation works were co-financed by public funds from the province and the federal state. Trautenfels Castle is a multifaceted art and cultural site for the history, culture and nature of the district of Liezen. The Trautenfels Castle Association together with the museum are the focal point for the future of the region as a place of active engagement with history, contemporary history, nature, art and culture.

Evidence of success

Trautenfels Castle, as the symbol of the middle Enns Valley and a unique cultural monument was preserved. The natural and cultural history of Styria’s Enns Valley form the core of the castles collection. The collection brings together folklore objects, zoological, geological and mineralogical items, and archaeological finds from the region. The castle remains open to the public and in addition to the museum and special exhibitions high-quality cultural events are taking place in and around the castle. The events and activities are the basis and initiator for a new territorial development in the region. The museum and the activities around the museum have created administrative jobs in the Trautenfels Castle Association as well as in EU-funded projects.

Contact Details

Wolfgang Otte, Mag. Katharina Krenn, HR DI Karl Glawischnig