TT6 - Romanico Atlantico Intervention Plan

TT6: Capacity for territorial development by on-place based cultural values enhancement

TT6 Romanico Atlantico Intervention Plan

The main objective of the Intervention Plan Románico Atlántico is to conserve, restore, and enhance heritage and at the same time establish the base for growth and sustainable development in the areas. This consists of creating employment, boosting socioeconomic development, promoting tourism, and redistributing profit and gain among the rural areas. Bearing in mind the previous technical studies, the Intervention Plan Románico Atlántico contains two types of works. On one hand, it includes integral work on the intervention of the architectural elements of the monument and the rehabilitation of its immediate surroundings. On the other hand, it also consists of work centred on the installation of the monitoring system -to control and register already determined parameters in the building (temperature, moisture, vibrations and movements, etc.)- and the renovation of the electrical installation with an innovative and efficient ornamental illumination that is compatible with the historical and artistic value of the immovable cultural heritage.

Firstly, to achieve this main objective, the heritage elements must be in the best possible conditions. Therefore, interventions will take place in 25 Romanesque churches and hermitages. The restoration interventions are executed integrally and theyl include work on the movable heritage assets and surrounding land. Secondly, so heritage truly becomes a source of resources, it should be valued by society. Therefore, a series of actions oriented around dissemination and enhancement of the heritage monuments, will be done always through a transverse perspective of innovation and quality. From the beginning, parallel to the Intervention Plan, we have developed a communication plan with the objective to transmit to society the cultural and historic values of heritage as well as the objectives of the Plan and the consecutive steps of development.

Evidence of Success:

In its first two years of life, the Atlantic Romanesque Intervention Plan has reached in Castilla y León, performance level of 40% with 800,000 euros of public-private investment and a total of 22 interventions in 10 temples of Zamora and Salamanca. Moreover, in Portugal six operations have been conducted in three different temples of Braganza and Porto regions, with a level of performance close to 20%. The “Románico Atlántico” Plan is a good example of the innovative management model applicable to territories previously defined in terms of their cultural, geographic and socio-economic homogeneity, always including a fundamental part of communication and awareness programs. All activities are carried out by a multidisciplinary team. However, and this is another of the main features of the plan, this management model always enhance synergies and networking with all types of businesses and institutions in both countries.