TT6 - Pais Vasco Bizkaia

TT6: Capacity for territorial development by on-place based cultural values enhancement

TT6 Pais Vasco Bizkaia

The background (from where the idea originated, causal connections, basis and nature of the idea/preparation/execution)

The amount of existing information on cultural heritage is enormous. It is imperiously necessary to make this information available to improve knowledge that society has about cultural heritage, while creating value through the cultural heritage.

Technologies and systems for mass distribution and accessibility to that content are there. Nearly 80% of the world population has a mobile phone. Almost 50% of them are smartphones. Location specific information can be provided at world wide level using GPS technologies. Location-based services based on augmented reality technologies have great potential for touristic purposes (short history focused on the professional approach of activities)

  • Client is interested in identifying new ways of bringing the elements of tourist interest in the city of Vitoria to visitors.
  • Tecnalia presents an idea based on augmented reality technology for mobile devices
  • Client identifies main interesting elements in the city and provides multimedia contents (images, text, videos, audios, etc.)
  • Tecnalia develops the augmented reality application

Evidence of Success:

Demonstrated results (objective results and/or impact indicators like e.g. n° of cultural heritage assets preserved, improved or protected, increase in value of cultural heritage assets, n° of jobs created or safeguarded, n° of additional visitors to cultural heritage assets, n° of protection instruments improved, administrative practice improved,…)

The impact of the project is measured by the number of downloads of the application (Araba Movil). The application is available in Android Market (Google Play) since July 2010 and since then the number of downloads is over 1000. The language of the application is Spanish. Therefore the target audience is limited.