TT6 - Film production for Local Development

TT6: Capacity for territorial development by on-place based cultural values enhancement

TT6 Film production for Local Development

Shooting a movie in a specific area can be a tool for a development policy based on local resources (namely Landscape and Cultural Assets). Marche Film Commission (MFC) promotes environment, landscape, heritage and employment through cinema and audiovisual industry in Marche Region. It also promotes the locations involved in film production as tourism destination (“Movie Induced Tourism”).

MFC is now a public foundation with the aim to promote the area and its culture through the development of film and television production. It promotes places suitable to accommodate production and local professionalism through its website. MFC provides also maps of places in Region where films were shot (Movie Map) and itineraries for Incoming Tourism (Marche Movie Tour). MFC has supported 18 productions in 2011. Eight productions have obtained financial support for a total of €70,000 while 10 have only used the services offered by MFC such as Reception, Editorial Phase, Location Guide, Production Guide, Site Service, Product Placement, Funding, Promotion.

A better coordination with other development policies would help to attract more films and to make the action still more effective.

If a production receives an help, it is required to sign a binding agreements that may concern the hiring of regional expertise and the promotion of territory.

Four impacts of film production must be taken in account for a comprehensive evaluation of the GP:

1) Direct economic impact.

2) Indirect and induced economic effects

3) Increase of professional profiles

4) Impact on promotion and tourism