TT2 Regione Marche LP

TT2:Protection instruments of cultural assets defining a common framework of cultural heritage elements

Regione Marche

The Regional Landscape Environmental Plan (Piano Paesistico Ambientale Regionale – PPAR) is the main instrument for the protection, enhancement and use of Marche landscape and territory. Its aim is to promote the protection of the landscape and the environment mainly at regional and municipal level, linking landscape policy and urban and spatial planning.

Although territorial systems are also considered, the core of PPAR is a description of regional landscape through thematic systems and categories.

The thematic systems are three:

1) the geological- geomorphological system

2) the botanical system

3) the historical-cultural system.

The categories are the simplest component of the landscape and they are referred to the thematic systems: they are the vocabulary of landscape, so to say (i.e. streams, ridges, woodlands, grasslands, wetlands, historic agricultural landscape historical centers and buildings archaeological areas and so on)

The Plan set conservation areas associated with the constitutive categories of landscape. The Plan includes immediately binding rules and areas subjected to a full or partial protection.

Evidence of Success:

Linking urban planning and landscape planning at Municipal Level has been the key. All Municipalities had to design their Urban Plans taking into account the landscape and environmental values, making surveys on geological, botanical, historical assets. Today almost 90% Municipalities have approved a plan coherent with Landscape. The landscape plan is now under review to match new State rules.

TT2 Region Marche LP