TT2 Monument Protection Act Rhineland-Palatinate

TT2 - Protection instruments of cultural assets defining a common framework of cultural heritage elements

Monument Protection Act Rhineland-Palatinate

The former Act on the protection and preservation of monuments in the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate of March 1978 has proved itself largely in over 25-year-old practice. More than 13,000 cultural monuments could be preserved and protected from destruction and damage, by administration or statutory order. But the number of the monuments which were identified increased considerably. With the new Monuments Protection Act over 30,000 monuments could be protected by law immediately, so that now over 45,000 monuments are protected.

Through the amendment of the law the rights and the obligations of the owner now apply for 45,000 monuments. This seems to be the best basic instrument for protection (see GPs: Criteria Catalogue, Subsidies, Geo-based information system). 


State government of country, Monument Conservation Authorities, Uppermost Authority on Monuments, archival conservation, Monuments Advisory Board, voluntary monument conservationist, recognised monument conservation organisations, owners of cultural assets, regional and local authorities, public. 

The advantage of the new system: More than 30,000 cultural monuments could be protected immediately by law. The monuments now have to be recorded in the list of monuments, which is a register drawn up for information purposes (responsible: Uppermost Authority on Monuments). Owners can have justified the legal status at any time. Furthermore all owners can get free advice from qualified specialists. Owners can take up subsidies from the Federal State. An equalization of burdens is possible (for example reducing income tax). Rhineland-Palatinate has also speeded up the administration processes. Conclusion: A combination of different instruments which help to protect the monuments now apply to over 45,000 monuments.


Dr. Joachim Glatz