TT2 Mapping the status and terms of protection of geological and historical sites

TT2 - Protection instruments of cultural assets defining a common framework of cultural heritage elements

Mapping the status and terms of protection of geological and historical sites

The Good Practice is about the mapping of all geological and historical sites at Saare County to find out the status and terms of protecting them. 

Target groups include: tourists, local municipalities, local community. Executive organization was NGO Islands´ Silurian Geopark. In cooperation with lots of different institutions like Environmental Board, local municipalities who are members of the geopark, related NGO-s, nature protection specialists, historical heritages specialists and etc local Land Protection Programme are compiled for each Land Protection areas.

Most of the work is done by experts during workshops. As a result the document is developed indicating the current status of the protection of the natural and historical sites within Saare County; the current or potential pressure on those sites and data on the management and maintenance of those sites. The document gives an overview how the objects are preserved and used in sustainable way.

As a result, Saare County’s objects are mapped by different categories.

1. All values of the Geopark are drawn and shown on the map and get the preservation or conservation act on its location level.

2. Local societies & communes have to use the protection programmes (acts) of historical and nature heritages for the maintenance and spatial planning process.


Viktoria Bubukin