TT2 Heidenturmkirchen LP

TT2: Protection instruments of cultural assets defining a common framework of cultural heritage elements

Heidenturmkirchen LP

Cultural tourism, new ways of handling religious heritage, support of church communities, support of SMEs in cultural tourism

The 4 Heidenturmkirchen (churches with a pagan tower) are located in Rhinehessen, a region of Rhineland-Palatinate south of the capital Mainz. The particularity of these churches is their church tower cupolas which remind of building components of oriental churches. 2 churches were renovated recently and the Protestant Church (owner) set up a consortium of partners who jointly developed cultural touristic offers with the churches. The project is financed by public and private money.

Evidence of Success:

  • cooperation on local level – inclusion of local stakeholders
  • cooperative financing model
  • stimulation of local participation
  • tourism as a major issue in regional development
  • local key actors as supporters
  • additional services like mobility services
  • cultural heritage assets which clearly have a USP
  • strong partners who are organised very well: like parishes, vineries, groups of local people (“culture and vine ambassadors”), women farmers’ associations

TT2 Heidenturmkirchen LP