TT2 Borghi del Marcher LP

TT2: Protection instruments of cultural assets defining a common framework of cultural heritage elements

Borghi del Marcher

The overall objective of the project was identified in laying the foundations for an action of reuse and enhancement of the minor rural villages of Marche Region, based on a real economic sustainability of interventions, and on correct urban, architectural and cultural history actions.

It starts a an exploitation of ancient minor centers as laboratories develop best practices in functional recovery for tourism, cultural, residential, service and businesses and develop and test guidelines for urban and architectural recovery. It consists of a survey for a detailed knowledge of Marche Region villages and settlement system for a compatible reuse respecting historical and cultural values and to an effective economic sustainability of interventions. It was developed a manual for interventions to restore buildings to identify 10 case studies for a model of intervention to change the economic model focused on rural culture proposing a strategy for conservation coherent with the constraints and historical texts making the areas attractive for housing and local micro-economies.

Evidence of Success:

This study is one of the few Italian examples that takes the commitment of urban culture and heritage for a systematic knowledge and promotion of minor historical centers. Dealing with historical, architectural, landscape fields we realize that this trial set an example in which many other historic rural villages of our country look. The Catalogue of occasions is a tool of this subject.

TT2 Borghi del Marcher LP