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Tecnalia contributes to the sustainable development of European threatened urban areas in rural areas from the values of their Cultural Heritage. pdf

Estonia An international conference, which focused on Islands’ Silurimaa Geopark, windmills and valuable landscapes, took place at the Kaali’s Visitor Center, Saaremaa June 2012. pdf

Latvia The uniqueness of Europe and Vidzeme lies in its culture and history - small villages with a rich cultural heritage and picturesque scenery unique in their value. At the open conference "Historical Assets and Related Landscapes" which took place in Dikli – one of the most beautiful venues in Vidzeme - experts and government representatives expressed their views and judgments on the sustainable management of Vidzeme’s cultural heritage and the value of its landscape.  Vidzeme June 2012. pdf

Portugal The Northern Cultural Regional Directorate (“NRCD”) together with 11 other partners are working together on the HISTCAPE project.  August 2012. pdf

Portugal HISTCAPE gathers in Lithuania.  March 2013. Press release for NRCD


HISTCAPE was presented to nearly a thousand professionals, officials and the public at the recent AR&PA Biennial 2012 "Innovation in Cultural Heritage" which took place in Valladolid, Spain 24-27 May 2012.

This was an initiative organised by Castilla&León Regional Authority in collaboration with the European Commission Research Directorate-General and Tecnalia Research and Development. 

All attendees had the opportunity to understand the HISTCAPE project, ask questions and contribute ideas. 

The Biennale was sponsored by the Junta de Castilla y León and had multiple sections including a trade fair, congress and a special section on Innovation.


This page holds the second gallery of photographs from the partner countries where meetings, workshops and conferences have taken place. Click on any photograph to see a larger image.

Conference in Portugal, March 2014

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Open Conference in Latvia, 2013

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6th Open Conference in Valladolid, Spain 23 October, 2013


Partner Meeting 10th – 13th September, Marche Region, Italy.

Partner Meeting - Koblenz, Germany - June 2013

Partner Meeting - Lithuania - March 2013


Gallery 2012

Partner Meeting 3 - Nympheo, Western Macedonia, Greece

Partner Meeting 2 - Saaremaa, Estonia

Partner Meeting 1 - Latvia

Kick Off Meeting