Major International Conference, Castle Laubegg, Styria, May 2014

The Landentwicklung Steiermark (Association for Rural Development of Styria) held an International Conference on ‘Revitalisation of Historic Town Centres in Rural Areas’ on 22nd May 2014 at Castle Laubegg in Styria, Austria. The main topic of the conference was how to foster the development of vital town centres and how to cope with vacancy in rural municipalities. 80 participants from ten different countries attended the conference and shared their experience. The HISTCAPE partner regions presented successful models of vacancy reduction and revitalisation of town centres and gave participants the possibility to learn from these good practices. The event helped to deepen the understanding of the good practice examples from different European regions and allowed to connect problems and solutions found.

The full report is available here.


Open Conference, Mira de Tibaes, Portugal, March 2014

The Northern Portugal Regional Directorate for Culture hosted the HISTCAPE 7th Open Conference on “Rural Landscape: A Living Heritage Resource” on 25th March 2014 at the Monastery of Tibães, Mire de Tibães, Portugal. The Conference explored the current multiple dimensions of Rural Heritage in continuous state of transformation and adaptation. Cultural Heritage in rural areas is a complex reality integrated by different social, economic, territorial and cultural assets that form a living resource in a territory. 

Mira de Tibaes Conference Report


Open Conference, Valladolid, Castilla y Leon, October 2013

This event aimed to deepen on good practices presented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Castilla and León on Histcape context and at the same time to link with those initiatives of other partners directly related to the subject. For that purpose and in this context, those experts who were directly involved in their preparation were invited to participate in the event. The Open Conference was completed with a study visit to the Museum of Mining and Metallurgy of Castilla and Leon in Sabero, in which Mr. Roberto Fernandez, Director of the Museum, explained the features, activities and projects of this center, as well as, the industrial and urban settlements generated around mining in the valley of Bonar-Sabero (Leon). 

Full report Castilla y Leon Conference


Open Conference, Arcevia, Marche Region, September 2013

The fifth Open Conference was held at the San Francesco Cultural Centre, Arcevia, Marche Region on 11 September 2013. Marche Region welcomed delegates from Austria, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, United Kingdom and Slovenia, to continue the enhancement of historical and rural communities and develop solutions to promote sustainable management of rural areas and halt their decline. The OC was twinned with an afternoon regional conference under the umbrella title "LANDSCAPE, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND PLANNING" aimed at attracting a wider attendance and media attention. Speakers included the Mayor of Arcevia and the Marche Film Commission amongst many others.

Regione Marche Meeting Report


Major International Conference, Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate, June 2013

250 representatives from renowned authorities and institutions, both nationally and internationally, attending HISTCAPE's first International Conference. Attendees included a wide range of representatives from local governments to state authorities and ministries, from Schools to Universities and experts of monument conservation, as well as from rural and state development authorities. Moreover we welcomed representatives from the fields of agriculture, viticulture, tourism and architecture. The main topics of the conference were demographic change and its effects on the rural areas of Europe as well as the protection of the future of monuments. Full details can be found in the attached document.

Major International Coinference, Koblenz


Open Conference, Daugai, Alytus District, March 2013

At the Open Conference held in the town of Daugai, located in the district of Alytus, representatives from the Lithuanian Parliament, the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the Ministry of Culture - Cultural Heritage Department, local authorities and policy makers were informed about the objectives, planned activities and outputs of the HISTCAPE project.   Upcoming activities within the project were presented and the connections to the cultural heritage and landscape were discussed.  Local and regional experts presented their vision and plans for cultural heritage and landscape protection, describing concrete instruments and measures.  Additionally projects related to the implementation of the HISTCAPE project were also presented.  During discussions further cooperation activities were described, experiences and opinions were exchanged and additional contacts made from amongst the conference participants. 

The full report will be available shortly


Open Conference, Region Western Macedonia, November 2012

At the Open Conference in Nympheo Florina, Greek scientists introduced their views on traditional architecture, sustainable heritage management and future development as key challenges facing the Region of Western Macedonia.  Representatives of the region spoke about their policies for cultural heritage and took the opportunity to analyse the sustainable economic development of the historical settlement of Nympheo through cultural regeneration.

The full report is available here


Regional Stakeholder Meeting, Vidzeme Planning Region, August 2012

The main aim of the meeting was to inform those present about the activities of the HISTCAPE project and to aid discussion on good practice identifed from within the Vidzeme Planning Region.  Attendees included representatives from the local municipalities, culture and nature experts, experts from Vidzeme Planning Region, spatial planning experts, NGO's, project consultants, societies and new architects.

The full report is available here


Open Conference, Saaremaa, Estonia, June 2012

At the Open Conference in Saaremaa local authorities and policy makers were informed about the objectives, planned activities and first outputs of the HISTCAPE project. Upcoming activities within the project were presented and the connection to the cultural heritage and landscape strategy of the Silurian Island’s Geopark were discussed. Local and regional experts were invited to present important plans and projects related to the implementation of the HISTCAPE project and the Pilot Action on Saaremaa Island. Useful synergies could be discovered and the project gained the interest of the wider pubic on Saaremaa Island.

The full report is available here


Open Conference, Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia, June 2012

The 1st Open Conference was held at Dikli Palace Hotel, an historic manor house in Vidzeme Planning region. Dikli Palace Hotel is a successful example of rendering high quality services and, of course, renovation and maintenance of culture monuments in order to preserve the cultural heritage of the region. In this way the venue was perfectly related to the overall topic of the HISTCAPE project. During the Open Conference participants had the chance to learn more about the objectives, planned activities and possible results of the HISTCAPE project. Experts form Vidzeme Planning Region linked the objectives of HISTCAPE to the regional plans and strategies and pointed out the added value of the interregional co-operation for the regional and local authorities and decision makers.

The full report is available here